The story

The history of Domaine Gaujal de Saint Bon - Château de Pinet is that of a family of merchants who became landowners.
In the 18th century, this story begins with women by bringing a small piece of land from Pinet to a bridal basket: on February 10, 1744, Anne Guinard married Antoine Barthélémy Gaujal.

This tiny, insignificant seed remained silent because the locality Pinet was essentially the property of the Chapter of Agde.

It is only after the Revolution that the Gaujals will know how to exist after the purchase of Church goods put on sale by the State.

It was the grandson of Anne Guinard, Toussaint Gaujal (1796-1883), a Marine Officer, who was the first to link Pinet to the Sea (Picpoul de Pinet: "his land is the sea").

The Estate has joined the ranks of the Great, becoming part of the "El Dorado du Vin", a prosperous period in Biterrois, with Toussaint's grand-nephew, Ludovic Gaujal "the Great" (1874-1942).

Subsequently, his eldest son, Jacques (1903-1978), Engineer-Agronomist knew how to preserve for his brothers and sisters, all the heritage of his father.

Jacques' heritage was extended by his marriage to Geneviève de Saint Bon, from his mother from another Languedocian family of Bessodes de Roquefeuil de Saint Etienne.

The estate becomes Château de Pinet - Gaujal de Saint Bon

Today, after a long transmission by men, the Domaine, as at its origin, has returned to the hands of women.

Simonne has taken over the torch from her father Jacques Gaujal. She was joined by her daughter A-Virginie, pharmacist-oenologist.

It is "They ..." who invite you to discover an authentic approach to their environment, of their terroir, of their mystery.

It is their History… "Authenticity and Know-How" that they share as a family with Alain and J-Damien.

Thank you very much for joining us for this walk, with us.

Pinet Castle - 
Gaujal de Saint Bon

1 rue Ludovic Gaujal 34850 Pinet
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