The cellars

The heart of the Estate is split in two by the evolutionary chronology of the buildings over time.

* the part bicentenary preserved "religiously" with nostalgia is the memory of the presence of the Chapter of Agde with the alignment of the great thunderbolts, always present which seduce visitors.

* the part Ancient, built in 1900, to the cathedral framework, has been renovated and updated to allow “feminine” work.

Work in the cellar is as much physical as it is intellectual. Also the adaptation of the buildings to an effective female presence required a very particular reflection to take into account ergonomics.

The soul of the Domaine will be expressed in the time of the harvest where the work of a whole year is orchestrated by the preparation and transformation of the harvest under the direction of A-Virginie, a true conductor!

When the grapes return to the cellars, the must, carefully cooled, is kept cold during fermentation, with the help of stainless steel flags and tanks surrounded by coolers.

You have to know how to wait when the vats sing, displaying their magnificent colors from red to brown, from gold to green.

How beautiful !

We would like so much to make you known, to feel these privileged moments!

If in the fall, you pass near us, stop and come share this melody of sounds, colors, smells and… soak your lips in this juice in gestation.

This magical moment where intense work, sweat, fatigue will emerge like a butterfly from the chrysalis, this nectar that is wine.

We now invite you to continue your walk by meeting with our dressed cuvées : our bottles.

Pinet Castle - 
Gaujal de Saint Bon

1 rue Ludovic Gaujal 34850 Pinet
+33 (0)4 68 32 16 67 ; +33 (0)4 67 77 10 00 

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