Pinet Castle -
Gaujal de Saint Bon

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At the oldest Domaine in the Picpoul de Pinet appellation. We produce PDOs Picpoul de Pinet and Languedoc Blanc, IGP Côtes de Thau, Pays d'Oc. The Estate is certified in High Environmental Value (HVE) level 3.

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Simonne and A-Virginie, “Elles…” invite you to discover an authentic approach to their environment, their land, their mystery. It's their History...
Thank you very much for joining us for this walk.

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"Hmmm ... The welcome was very very pleasant, which was a good start! Very professional tasting with clear and precise explanations, understandable by all: perfect. I was going to forget the advice for the food and wine pairing. .. we are going to feast! The wines are very good and reasonable value for money.
In short, a very pleasant moment of discovery and the trunk full of good bottles which will remind me of it every time the cork is opened ... Thank you very much ladies! "
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"Superb discovery. We enjoyed discovering the wines. Thanks for all the advice. We now know how to taste the wines. I recommend to 100%."

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A family story

In its green setting, the Château de Pinet, witness to the “El Dorado of Wine” period, greets you.

The Piquepoul becomes. . .

We present to you our favorite, the grain of piquepoul, which knows how to brown so well while awaiting its picking on the last days of September, which will allow its transformation into " Picpoul de Pinet ". Hush! it's alchemy, this marvel.

Our environment

The sea, the Thau lagoon, Sète, our privileged environment that we invite you to discover which is embodied so well in the Picpoul de Pinet: “its land is the Sea”.

About . . .

If it was a fertile century for the Languedocian landowners refocused around Béziers-Pézenas, it is the 19th century period of the “El Dorado du Vin”.

In this region, this century saw the construction of a large number of castles entrusted to the Garros family, Bordeaux architect from father to son.
The castle is the symbol of success. The château allows identification with the “Bordeaux” originator model.
It was at this time that the Domaine de Pinet was shaped from the lands of the Chapitre d'Agde.

The consecration of the Estate in 1900 will be the construction entrusted to the Garros family of Château de Pinet, Château Gaujal or Château Gaujal de Saint Bon.

Used, incidentally as a second home, the Château represents above all an image that enhances wine production.

In parallel with the construction of the Château de Pinet, with the advice of the Agronomic School of Montpellier, the operating buildings are fitted out and rebuilt with a frame in the form of a real wooden cathedral. Cruising speed will follow the good years.

These years will be partially interrupted by the Phylloxera and then by the War of 1914.

A veritable cleaver war that directs Languedoc towards larger productions, destabilizing the qualitative research work carried out previously.
That's when Jacques Gaujal, Engineer-Agronomist, eldest son, invested himself in the continuation of his father's work.
The War of 1939-1940 will still require a new adaptation. The Germans requisition the Castle and buildings of the Estate.

However, the Estate must live and find other sources of income. So to respond to fuel shortages, Jacques Gaujal, always pragmatic, created the Carbovigne Company which aims to obtain charcoal from vine shoots and allow the manufacture of gasifier used by vehicles of the time. Wine production becomes secondary.

It was only after the War that the wine estate resumed all its activity.

Our Domaine is an example of permanent adaptation.

Pinet Castle - 
Gaujal de Saint Bon

1 rue Ludovic Gaujal 34850 Pinet
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